The floor covering market has seen dramatic changes in the last several years.  Those changes have had a significant impact on the way the average floor covering dealer operates their business.  Past business models have relied on traditional methods of attracting new customers.  These would include Yellow Page ads, newspaper ads, some radio, and possibly TV.  With the growth of internet use these methods can become very costly and are typically subject to reduction or elimination in order to hold down operating expenses.  At a time when you need more business many small business owners find these methods of drawing in new customers just too expensive and turn to their one free option, word of mouth.  Unfortunately, word of mouth probably is not reaching a large enough market to add a substantial number of new customers.  With a growing number of consumers turning to the internet to research products and check out local businesses how should you react?
The answer to this question is what led to the creation of FWD -  Flooring Website Design
FWD is dedicated to helping small business owners reach a much broader number of potential customers by having a presence on the internet. With your store present on the web new customers can browse through what you have to offer from the comfort of their home at any time of day or night.  They will know the extent of products you have to offer before they ever come in your store!  This can't be accomplished through traditional advertising alone.
Do you have an effective marketing plan for the following ?
With a website developed by FWD you now have a way to address these problems and reach a far greater number of potential customers at a maximized, minimal cost to your business.

How to let consumers know all  the product categories you offer
How to let consumers know what products are on sale, who they are from, and for how long they are on sale
Effectively market products that are already in your warehouse
Communicate to consumers why they should buy flooring from you.  How you "stand out" from the competition
A way to let consumers Shop @ Home  24 / 7
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